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  QNX® CAR Platform for Infotainment

The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment is a unique set of pre-integrated and optimized technologies from QNX Software Systems and dozens of ecosystem partners. Designed for flexibility, this unique platform provides development teams with a variety of options for building reliable world-class infotainment systems that keep pace with ongoing advancements in mobile device markets.


The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment includes a wide array of QNX technologies: the QNX OS; a powerful mobile connectivity framework; a best-in-class acoustic, noise reduction, and hands-free solution; an HMI framework supporting HTML5, Qt, and other native UI toolsets; and different app environments.

To this, we've added automotive hardening for crash resiliency, embedded optimization, and fast booting.

With support for both HTML5 and Android apps executing alongside the built-in HMI as well as an HTML5 framework, the QNX CAR Platform supports the industry's broadest cross-platform mobile development environments, allowing OEMs to leverage a variety of apps from the consumer electronics space

QNX technology concept car

The latest QNX technology concept car, a Bentley Continental, took a substantial team effort to bring several cutting edge technologies to life.


The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment offers a low-risk path for building reliable and compelling connected products that improve the bottom line. For instance, with the same code base, customers can target entry to high-end platforms, leveraging their development efforts across the two programs. This helps to improve the revenue-to-cost balance and reduce project risk while enabling rapid development of high quality infotainment systems.

Reduced project risks

→ Fast proof of concept designs and ready-to-use prototype development platforms
→ Clean IP (intellectual property)
→ Visibility into QNX CAR Platform roadmap and innovations
→ Open ecosystem philosophy for supplier independence

Reduced costs and new revenues

→ Out-of-the-box, pre-integrated reference implementations that are easily productized
→ New sources of revenue for OEMs — services, app store
→ Reusable software assets
→ Scalability — the same software solution for low to high-end systems
→ New business model — free software during prototyping and pre-integrated third-party evaluation software

Compelling products, rapid development

→ Early access to leading-edge technologies
→ Visually rich HMIs and a customizable environment
→ Reliable, responsive user experience
→ Support for the latest consumer electronics devices and apps
→ Internet connectivity
→ Upgradeability — downloadable software updates

Sales and marketing opportunities

Partner companies who join the QNX CAR Platform ecosystem can participate in joint QNX CAR marketing and sales initiatives, and can contribute products to the QNX CAR reference implementations. As part of these reference implementations, their products will go out to all QNX CAR automotive tier-one and OEM members — a large and ever-increasing audience.

The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment offers an enablement model that reduces the risks and costs inherent in developing and productizing advanced infotainment systems for the automotive market.

  • Business model

    The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment is delivered to companies building prototypes, demos, or proofs-of-concept as a yearly subscription. This program approach gives companies access to all of the pieces in the QNX CAR Platform as well as the most up-to-date technology on an ongoing basis.

    Please contact us for details on the QNX CAR Platform subscription program.

    Partner integrations

    The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment provides pre-assembled reference implementations, allowing companies to skip challenging first-level integration efforts and work immediately on product development and differentiation.

    Partner Integration
    Apple iPhone/iPod multimedia integration
    Best Parking parking search
    Elektrobit embedded navigation
    Facebook vehicle-integrated facebook posts
    Gracenote multi-media metadata
    iAnywhere/Cybercom integrated Bluetooth profiles
    JQuery JavaScript framework
    PacketVideo DLNA stack for Android mobile integration
    Pandora streaming internet radio
    Poynt location based services
    Redbend FOTA software updates
    Sencha JavaScript framework
    Slacker streaming internet radio
    TCS navigation
    Telenav navigation
    Tunein streaming internet radio
    Twitter mobile-based twitter app
    Vlingo/AT&T Watson cloud-based natural language voice rec + TTS
    Weather Network integrated weather services
  • Third-party integrations

    The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment includes pre-integrated technology from numerous third-party technology partners. With each release, the list of partners continually grows to include additional IP such as new vehicle service offerings, HMI frameworks, applications, and hardware support.


    A key benefit of the QNX CAR Platform program is the streamlined licensing model QNX and its partners have created. With most third party partners, QNX is able to license customers with the ability to prototype and evaluate the third party technology that is part of the platform. Some third parties, however, do not have licensing models that fit into the QNX CAR model. Customers therefore need to engage directly with these companies to secure evaluation and redistribution rights before they begin using their technology. Given that specific licensing does vary from partner to partner, we recommend contacting us for exact details.

    Sublicensing and redistribution

    Aside from several exceptions, customers do not need to engage with a third-party technology company until they have concluded their prototyping and plan to start commercial development for a production-based program, or to redistribute their derivative work for demonstration or commercial sale. At this point, customers need to work directly with the third parties involved to negotiate the requisite sublicensing and redistribution rights.

    Additional third-party integrations

    While QNX automotive ecosystem includes almost 100 companies with products that work with QNX technology, some companies have yet to become part of the QNX CAR program. We are working with these companies to add more integrated partner products. Until such time, customers are encouraged to continue engaging directly with these companies.

  • Support

    During commercial development of infotainment products using the QNX CAR Platform, customers have access to a dedicated team of QNX engineers specialized in automotive systems to help with integration and productization. These engineers are available to help design and work through even the toughest problems – everything from architecture reviews through driver development and bug fixing to advanced system-level optimization.

    Foundry 27

    The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment has a dedicated community portal that contains QNX source code and design documents, useful for creating custom solutions. Development engineers have access to new downloads, updates, and release notes through this resource.

    Commercial support

    To address the mix of QNX and third-party products, and their integration into a customer product, we provide dedicated support from our experienced automotive services team. The pairing of the QNX CAR Platform with these dedicated services is designed to help customers in their adoption, development, and deployment of QNX CAR technology.

    If you are interested in learning more about the QNX CAR Platform and our commercial support model, please contact us

QNX works with partners in its large ecosystem to offer the best possible foundation for building vehicle infotainment systems, as well as to help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers reduce costs and time to market. Technologies provided by partners include:

Feature Partners
Integrated applications 7Digital
The Weather Network
Mobile connectivity Apple
Packet Video
Voice recognition AT&T
HMI and frameworks Crank Software
Software updates Red Bend Software
Navigation Elektrobit
Multimedia technology
(codecs & databases)
Texas Instruments
Graphics and displays Imagination Group
Texas Instruments
Hardware ARM
Texas Instruments
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