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  QNX® Vertical Market Solutions

Automotive Solutions

QNX automotive solutions are tailor made to reduce the cost of development and deployment. We give you the technology needed to implement compelling in-vehicle systems, helping you simplify system design with customizable UI-rich middleware and components complete with low-level infrastructure. Take your design from graphical prototype to final product without re-coding.

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Industrial Automation Solutions

QNX Software Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of industrial solutions for addressing today's challenges - be it a mission-critical wind-turbine controller, a distributed and connected platform on a factory floor, or a user-centric POS device with a rich HMI. Our unique field-proven industrial platform, deep embedded experience, and industry-leading reliability enable you to create custom solutions with low BOM, development, and maintenance costs.

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Medical Solutions

QNX Software Systems has significant presence in the healthcare industry with a platform that enables highly reliable, available, connected, and secure medical devices, including Blood analyzers, Pulse oximeters, Handheld CTG monitoring units, Angiography, etc.

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Networking & Telecoms Solutions

We offer a comprehensive portfolio that addresses even the most complex development requirements across all networking systems - from optical networks through wireless infrastructure to the world's highest capacity router.

Unlike companies offering open source solutions, we offer a hybrid software model and transparent development process where code is developed in the open. This unique approach coupled with our mature, field-proven support for multi-core processing and Linux API compatibility sets QNX Software Systems apart from all other embedded software vendors in the networking market. We also have the industry's most extensive tool suite - award-winning, Eclipse-based, and optimized for rapid development.

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Security & Defence Solutions

Defense and security applications are by definition mission critical. People's lives depend on the security and reliability of the platforms on which they run. It is these systems that require the highest level of confidence and fault tolerance that comes from a proven technology, battle hardened in over 30 years of field deployment.

As a provider of realtime OS technology for over 30 years, QNX Software Systems has a long dependable tradition of helping government defense departments, security agencies, and their contractors develop advanced, secure, mission-critical, realtime systems.

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