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QNX reference designs provide out-of-the-box connected applications that significantly reduce the engineering effort normally required to prototype and productize new systems. QNX demos showcase QNX technologies with easy-to-evaluate board images.

  • Automotive

    QNX CAR Evaluation Kit

    QNX CAR is a platform designed to create world-class automotive infotainment systems. The platform offers a unique set of pre-integrated and optimized technologies from QNX and dozens of ecosystem partners.

    The QNX CAR evaluation kit provides customers with all the elements required to perform a comprehensive assessment of the QNX® CAR Platform for Infotainment including a software image, reference hardware and development tools.

    Learn more: QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment overview

    To start your QNX CAR evaluation, contact:

    QNX CAR Demo

    The QNX CAR demo highlights the many features of the platform, including mobile device connectivity, HTML5 support, voice-enabled apps, and hands-free acoustic processing.

    To request a demonstration of QNX CAR, contact:

  • General Embedded

    QNX Accelerator Kits

    Prototyping just got a whole lot easier on QNX! See how our pre-integrated software with support for wireless and wired communications and touch-screen graphics components can move you quickly through the prototyping phase of your next project. Reduce your time to application development, remove your integration headaches, and launch your product faster, with QNX.

    The QNX Accelerator Kit is a demonstration and evaluation platform, which is being made freely available for developers and systems integrators for evaluating QNX software.

    Learn more: QNX Accelerator Kits overview

    To start your evaluation using a QNX Accelerator Kit, contact:

  • Industrial

    EtherCAT Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Reference Platforms

    The new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Reference Platforms are equipped to ease development of industrial control systems. The PLC Reference Platforms implement the KPA EtherCAT® Master protocol with PLC Firmware from either ISaGRAF or KW-Soft, and QNX® Neutrino® RTOS on both the high-performance Freescale QorIQ® P1025 processor and the Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 Processor. It is supported by powerful development tools from all companies, including the KPA EtherCAT Studio, ISaGRAF 6 Application Workbench, KW-Soft MULTIPROG, QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite, Freescale CodeWarrior® Development Suite, and Texas Instruments’ Code Composer Studio.

    Learn more: PLC Reference Platform overview

    Download the free evaluation software for the Freescale QorIQ® P1025 PLC Reference Platform.

    To request a demonstration of the PLC reference platform on either hardware platform, please contact:

  • Medical

    Patient Monitoring Demo

    QNX Neutrino RTOS
    QT-based Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    Connectivity to Continua Certified™ medical devices including:
        > blood pressure monitor
        > weight scale
        > pulse oximeter
        > Bluetooth Health Device Profile (Sybase iAnywhere)
        > Remote device connectivity featuring the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet

    To request a demonstration of the Patient Monitoring system, contact:

10 Simple Steps to QNX Evaluation - Over the Internet

Following versions are available for evaluation over the internet.

  • QNX 6.6 RTOS
  • QNX Momentics IDE 5.0

Read the document: 10 Simple Steps to Evaluating QNX and Momentics IDE

Ask us for access. You can do it in one of the four simple ways.

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